Complete lyrics and shorter poems – Volume IV

The compositions in Volume IV begin from mid-1829, when Pushkin travelled from St Petersburg through the Caucasus on a brief visit to the Russian army then at war with the Turks.  Impatient with his bachelor life, he took advantage of his journeys via Moscow to court the young Natálya Goncharóva, whom he married early in 1831.  This was another poetically productive period for Pushkin, especially the two months in autumn 1830 that he spent marooned by quarantine restrictions in the family estate of Bóldino.   The second part of the volume contains the verses Pushkin wrote between his marriage and his premature death, a time when he was increasingly harrassed by shortage of money, a carping censorship and the spite of enemies in the social and  literary worlds.  He continued to produce much original poetry, some of it light album-style verse, much of it in a more serious vein than before; but he also embarked on numerous translations, adaptations and  imitations of works from antiquity, from folklore and from more modern European sources, both western (especially English) and eastern.

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